The rise in popularity of online casino slot games in India


The History of Gambling

Since the beginning of time, gambling has been one of the most popular activities with people around the world. It can be officially dated back to 14th century Japan. As mankind has evolved, gambling has taken on various forms and has been adapted to meet the different demands imposed through the ages. However, the underlying concept has always remained; staking something of material value, with conciseness of risk and hope of gain, on the outcome of a game or form of activity.

We can clearly correlate to this definition. By stepping back in time and going down memory lane when playing Goli Gundu. This game, happened to be one of our all time favourite street games as it required a multitude of skills including having a good aim, concentration and outright luck. Mixing in a stake of some form, took the games dynamics to a different dimension. From such a young age, the thrill of staking, even with such small values, provides a level of excitement that is only brought about by such risk and natural hope of gain.

Although “official gambling” is still considered to be a Taboo in India, if we were to think of it deeply, we should be ale to identify that gambling is in fact an integral part of Indian social and cultural life, as it similarly is in many other countries around the world such as the UK, Europe and US.

With this in mind, it’s clear to see why popularity in online casinos has increased in popularity in recent years. And such a trend has been supported by the below pillars (at least in our perspective)

Technological Improvements

As mentioned, gambling has taken on different forms over the years. With the recent technological leaps, gambling is, literally, now only a finger tip away, even in the most remote places in India. Nowadays, playing casino games online are deemed to be very appealing. By the vast majority you can see the same level of excitement (or more) as a traditional casino would. In addition, online casinos have a huge game portfolio to meet the needs of almost all interested players.

Trust in online Casinos

One of the biggest stigmas surrounding online casinos in India, is the lack of trust in their operation. We’ve heard these questions multiple times; “Will my money be safe once it’s deposited?”, “If i were to win, will the casino allow me to withdraw my funds?”, “Is this a scam?”. In all fairness, such question are really all valid. However, the vast majority of online casino operators targeting the Indian market today operate in highly regulated markets such as the UKGC, MGA, SGA.

In order for the online casinos to obtain the authorities seal of approval, their operations and technical offering are required to undergo stringent certification processes. Additionally, all casino operators are continuously monitored by Anti Money Laundering institutions. This ensures that at no point online casinos are abusing or allowing their services to be abused by such money laundry activities.

All casinos listed on are licensed to operate under these jurisdictions. Curacao licenced operators are typically known to be the less trustworthy kind. This is simply because the licensing scheme is less stringent. Set to change in 2021 as the Dutch government announced that it had reached an agreement with its Curacao counterparts. This is regarding “measures and structural reforms” intended to make the constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands “financially, economically and administratively resilient.”. A change that should be welcomed for the Indian online casino sector. Curacao licences casinos will provide a greater, more enticing and trustworthy offering for Indian players.


For the vast majority, being able to make it to a physical casino in India is practically impossible. Even so, visiting a casino will incur additional costs from travel, food and accommodation. Online Slots are the most practical of casino games, both in terms of skill and bankroll. To extend the excitement without risking too much, almost every online slot will allow very small minimum stakes for each spin. Hence this becomes lucrative for the average Indian’s pocket who looks not to invest more at first.

Thrill of Winning

If all of the above factors are in place, then the final and most important piece is indeed the thrill of winning. The adrenaline pumping through your veins while playing, hitting a jackpot or anticipating an outcome is what makes playing online casino so appealing. Live casino games also provide an additional layer of interaction. This comes in the form of live dealers and chats to take that emotion to the next level.


Such a thrill must also be met with caution and it’s vital to mention that you shouldn’t gamble what you can’t afford to lose. Please refer to our Responsible Gambling section if you think you may have a problem with Gambling of any form.