Online Casinos Growth in India 2020

Online Casinos India

Online Casinos Situation in India

As online gambling has expanded its reach all over the world, Asia is no exception. India’s population of 1.3 billion people offers a customer base for online gaming like no other. Making up nearly 18% of the world’s total population, there are bound to be gamblers looking to find more option out there. Over the past few years, the face of gambling has changed and the industry along with it. With many casinos investing in online to satisfy their players and increase profits. The global online casino industry is expanding and India will not be left behind.

Popular Gambling

Being an online casino player in India may seem difficult, but this is looking like a thing in the past. Today there are multiple options available online for the needs of Indian customers. These casino sites also offer games that Indian gamblers would be very familiar with. If you’re a gambler that enjoys more interaction, live online casino is available as well, even in Hindi at times, to make things even simpler. Have a look at some of these casino here.

Demand And Legality

The Public Gaming act of 1867 is a law in India. Prohibiting anyone from running or managing a public gaming house. However, there is a growing market for gambling in India. Three Indian states allow casinos, Goa, Sikkim, and Daman. All three offer land-based casinos and games. Businesses and off-shore operators are bringing to light the benefit the country will see. In 2019, the estimated value of online casinos in the country came in at ₹62 billion with a calculated increase of 400 percent within the next 10 years. If the country implies tax on this, it will surely have great benefit.

Online casinos have taken hold of the Indian gambling community with off-shore operators increasing their offerings to target Indian players. Even though the legislation is stuck in a legal dilemma, no specific rules are barring off-shore operators from offering online casinos to Indian players.

Expansion Of Online Casinos In India

There is more motivation for India to legalize gambling and online casinos from Indian operators and players alike. Wanting a safer and more regulated online gaming environment. India has the second-largest use of smartphones in the world. With that many people having access to the internet there is a sure and expanding market for online casinos. Investment are being made and the market in India will definitely flourish.