Local Indian Resident Wins RS 12 Crore

Local Indian

Local Indian Resident and Father of three wins big!

Local Indian resident, Parunnan Rajan who could not keep up with his expenses. He was contemplating how he will pay for his daughter’s studies. Parunnan went to the bank to apply for another loan, to keep up with repayments from another loan. Devastated with the situation and on his way, Parunnan drove passed Payyan Agencies Koothuparamba in Kerala. That is when he decided to make a u-turn and stop at the agency and try his luck and bought a Christmas-New Year bumper lottery ticket.

Family Traditions

Part of the Indian tradition, father’s of the bride need to pay for their daughters wedding. When Parunnan’s eldest daughter decided to get married, it put more pressure on the prior loans he had. Parunnan said that he kept the purchase of the ticket a secret since he firstly paid way more than the usual amount for it and also because his wife Rajani, always fought with him when he bought lottery tickets since she believed that it was a waste of money. He was fearful of checking his ticket, he says, since he had bought it about 20 days before the draw.

Surprise of a Lifetime

The winning ticket number ST 269609, was announced the Monday after the draw. To Parunnan’s surprise, he was the lucky winner of the first prize with the winning ticket of 12 million Rupees. The money  won was going to change his and his family’s lives for good. The 55-year-old man would be Rs 7.2 million rupees richer after taxes.

A Brighter Future

Rajan just could not believe his luck. The family is so happy and Rajan is overjoyed that he can now repay all of his loans. Rajan will be investing his money in property and and a new business venture. He intends to also assist the needy in his community! As Rajan says he is well aware of how difficult life can be without money.