State Of Kerala – Possible Ban For Online Gambling

The Kerala State Hight Court placed notices to celebrates and athletes that have been linked to online gambling companies as ambassadors.

A petition that was raised to the could result in a new ban for online gambling in India.

It was reported that Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli, Indian actress Tamanna Bjhatia and actor Aju Varghese all received notices.

The court seeks to either regulate and monitor or ban online gambling completely under new laws.

The request to ban online gambling

Pauly Vadakkan, plead to intoduce this ban, claiming that online gambling was a growing issue in the state. He further emphasised that those on low and middle incomes were suffering the most. The question is, would such person just seek illegal ways to gamble if such services are removed?

Vadakkan further said that there are problems with reported scams involving online gambling. Adding that cases of suicide were reported due to unpaid winnings from such operators.

Believed that iGaming platforms endorsed by celebrities’, gave false hope when the actual reality is that winning is harder than portrayed.

The petition stated that the current law in the state of Kerala only covers gaming in a common gaming house and does not include online.

Mention of states that banned online gambling

The petitioner pointed out that high courts in other states proceeded with such bans. Gujarat and Tamil Nadu being two examples.

What is your take on this news? Do you believe online gambling should be banned or regulated?

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