Earn ₹500 Reward Games When Playing Roulette and Blackjack at LeoVegas!


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Hit a blackjack or win with a Straight Up bet on 7 in roulette to earn ₹500 Reward Games in either blackjack or roulette at LeoVegas Live Casino, starting every Wednesday!

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Winning Is Double the Normal Fun!

Take a seat at any of the participating blackjack and roulette tables between Tuesday at 04:31 and Wednesday at 04:29, and be in with a chance of winning up to six ₹500 Reward Games! In blackjack, you’ll receive up to three ₹500 Reward Games when you hit a blackjack using a minimum bet of ₹500. Meanwhile in roulette, you’ll receive up to three ₹500 Reward Games when betting and winning with a Straight Up bet on number 7 with a minimum bet of ₹200. It’s that simple!

To use your Reward Games, you would need to go to the Evolution lobby, Click the Gift icon and select the table where they want to use Reward Games. On LeoVegas Sports Blackjack and Leo Blackjack Show, you can use the Reward Games in full as one ₹500 bet. If the table is full, you can bet behind with a minimum bet of ₹500. Should you hit ‘blackjack’, you would still benefit from the ₹500 Reward Game. On the rest of the participating blackjack tables, you can bet behind several times with a minimum bet of ₹100. On the participating roulette tables, you can either use the Reward Games in full as one ₹500 bet, or you can make multiple smaller bets for more rounds. Once you have used all the Reward Game funds, your accumulated winnings are paid out in cash!

List of Participating Tables

• LeoVegas Live Blackjack 1
• LeoVegas Live Blackjack 3
• LeoVegas Silent Blackjack
• Dansk Live Blackjack
• LeoVegas Sports Blackjack
• Celebrity Blackjack Party
• Leo Blackjack Show

• LeoVegas Live Roulette
• Leo Roulette Show

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